07 August 2009

Red and White in School

I was all dressed up in red and white juz like mummy as I will be celebrating National Day in school.

This was one of my recent homework - a "Shaker". Every children is required to make a shaker that go in line with the National Day theme and follow closely to red and white color too. A diagram was given too but mummy said we can always 'think out of box' and not follow exactly the way other people did theirs.

Well, mummy is juz simply lazy as it is a much more convenient way using bottle then using toilet rolls and she can save up the time sourcing, cutting, pasting, coloring....... Papa has taken the hardest work of all. He has helped me to spray the bottle red and white and mummy let me put in the cute little stuffs in ter to make sound.

These were some of the Macaroni that we din really like to eat. Hence ah ma said can recycle and use for arts purpose. :p

What mummy needed to do was to merely writing my name on it. Pretty easy job for her right?

I'll get to play this shaker later and now it's time for me to go off as I'm oredi late for school trying to put on the tattoos on my face and hands. Happy Holidays for All!!! (",)

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