22 August 2009

Adventure of the Mouse Deer

Mummy and I went to esplanade to meet up with aunty QQ, aunty Karen, GY kor-kor, Ezanne mei-mei and Kylie mei-mei to watch a play titled "Deep Deep Forest - Adventure of the Mouse Deer".

The play was at 10am and I stayed up late yesterday, I couldn't wake up on time. Hence, mummy got everything ready, woke me up, fed me with milk, changed me, hopped onto a taxi and off we went to catch the play.

Maybe it was too rushing for me, I threw up my morning milk in the cab juz before reaching destination. Needless to say, the cabby was mad and kept scolding grumbling. Mummy quickly paid and pulled me out of the cab. The 1st thing we did was to clean up the messy pukey and dry up my clothing. :(

As it was free seating, mummy asked aunty QQ to go in 1st and we went in slightly before 10am. Luckily the play turned out well. It was a totally different setting and experience compared to the previous play. We were seated right at the back. However halfway thru, a family who was seated right in front left their seats to pacify their crying gal. Kylie and I then squeezed our way to the front for better vision and interaction. :p

Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei decided to come over to our house for lunch after the play and whoppie.....another round of playtime@home.

Both Kylie and I hit off so well after countless of plays that we had watched together.

Didi was so happie seeing me returning home. It's good to have guests at home once in a while cos didi behaved better when aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei were around. :p

One last photo before aunty Karen and mummy headed off to the mall at BPP for some shopping. :)

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