05 August 2009

Ah Ma's Buffday

Today is ah ma's cheena buffday and there she was busy for the whole day making yummy food for everyone. Well, ah ma enjoys cooking so mummy said juz let her indulge in it.

Nai-nai complimented that every foodie was nice even this "tang yuan". This is not the usual "tang yuan" that was made from glutinous rice flour. Ah ma's new formula "tang yuan" was made from taro and sweet potato. Yum....and nai-nai's fave is yummy yam.

Ah MA BD 2009
Cake-cutting was after our dinner and we were very excited. Didi likes cake and blowing off candle. Ah ma din even get the chance to blow!!!! I love chocolates. :p

Happy Buffday, our dearest ah ma!!! Best of health to U :)

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