30 June 2007


Went to catch this movie at night at Vivo City. Initially tot of bringing Wenz along but she was dead beat after attending one aunty's 60th birthday in the afternoon, thus she laid flat on her bed upon reaching home. Sorry sweetie, u gotta be good at home with ah ma liao.

Both hubby and I enjoyed the movie very much cos belong to our era childhood mah. I could still remember the cartoon was shown on TV in the evening during our Primary school dayz with the unforgettable soundtrack singing "Transformer...more than meets the eye...." :)

Autobots, transform and roll out......

All the robots in the movie were so real, can't really tell it's fako. Anyway I personally lurve Bumblebee the most among the autobots but the 'image' in this movie is different from the cartoon cos Volkswagen Beetle was not used.

Anyway, it's a nice and exciting movie. It's definitely worth watching for all Transformers' fans out there. Enjoy the soundtrack of this movie.........

29 June 2007

New Action Hero - Hayman

Ever since Spiderman was being introduced to Wenz few months back, she has been saying 'Hayman'. She juz couldn't get the pronunciation correct.

Then recently I taught her Superman plus the hand signal of flying and she got hooked. I used the bandara we got from Swensen and tied it round her shoulder and she will 'force' her papa to play 'superman game' with her.

Initially, hubby was excited too and even placed a bath towel around his shoulder with a peg to secure in front. It has become a routine now when comes to playing this game. The moment hubby refused to put the towel as requested by our princess, the onset of loud wonderful music will follow. She will keep on mentioning 'Papa...Hayman, papa....Hayman'.
Hubby blamed me for 'sabotaging' him cos I was the one who taught Wenz Superman but he was the one who started the towel mah, kekeke. Wenz will never ask me to play this game as it has literally become part of her papa's icon liao. Have u ever seen a superman with bulging tummy?? The answer is obvious right, hahahaha :)

28 June 2007

8 Random Facts about ME

I have been tagged by Cairo's Mummy to list 8 random facts about myself. I remembered listing 7 random things about myself sometime back in May. This tag seems quite similar with the exception that this meme contains some kinda rules. Let me spell out the rules first before stating the facts.
  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
Okay, here I go:

Fact 1 - I always put my close ones before me. I'll keep the best things for them even though I like it very much. Like if I noe hubby loves to eat egg, I'll eat little, leaving a lot for him.

Fact 2 - I'm a near perfectionist kind of person. It's not that I'm a perfectionist but the things I do must be perfect. I believe in doing the thing correctly right from the start. If I wanna take up a task, I'll make sure it give my best shot. It's no point giving sloppy work and waste my time in the end. However, things usually dun go the way u want it to be even though you have tried ur best. Therefore, I learnt to see things in different angle and view.

Fact 3 - I realised my understanding of being a parent is so so SHALLOW before I have a child of my own. The child just dun behave the way I imagined when I was pregnant.

Fact 4 - I can laze around doing nothing but day-dreaming. Perhaps I got more lazy and imaginary genes than others.

Fact 5 - I make friends based on feeling. Those who make me feel weird weird towards them can hardly fall into my list of friends. However, I do treasure and take friendship seriously.

Fact 6 - Communication is very important in maintaining a relationship. Said is usually easier than done. I always ASSUME what the other party will feel, say and do without really asking especially within family members. This is one area I'd like to improve on.

Fact 7 - If u r a reader of my blog, u will noe I CAN'T COOK though I love eating. I think I do have some passion in baking and cooking. I'd very much like to take up these 2 skills in the near future.

Fact 8 - Ever attended a seminar arranged by my company saying "Changes are good" few years back. This seminar focus a lot of theories and philosophies from the book titled "Who Moved My Cheese?" I also agreed on the statement saying "Changes are good". There again, said is easier than done. I am resistant to certain changes once I'm in the 'comfort zone'. If i was given a chance to choose in a situation, I'll definitely not change. However, though I am resistant to changes, I'm also very flexible. If there is really a need to make necessary changes, I will do it without much fuss.

Wow, the most exciting part has come. It's tagging time. Can I have the honour to tag
Shervon's Mami
Hayden's Mami

Megan's Mami

Thank you for your participation!!

27 June 2007

Updates on School

It was only Wenz' 3rd day of school and she was 'scolded' for her mischief. What did she do?? Wenz loves playing with doors, opening and closing it repeatedly.

My mum heard someone trying to tamper with the door handle while waiting for Wenz to finish her lesson. She told hubby must be Wenz' doing. True enuf, hubby went near to the door and could hear the teacher screaming "WENZEL". Shortly after the teacher screamed, there was as if echoes from the whole class repeating after the teacher 'wenzel wenzel wenzel....'!! Oh my goodness!! Only 3rd day, my gal has became 'famous'. "'*_*

The moment Wenz came out from the room, she asked hubby to carry and faked cries (no tears) saying 'open the door...cry'. I think she is trying to say she was being scolded. Hahaha....serves her right. When it's time to discipline, we have to do it right from the start.

25 June 2007

First Day of School

Today is Wenz' 1st day of school. The long awaited moment has finally came. Luckily hubby was off for the day and he could actually bring her to school and fetch her back for the first 3 days.

My mum suggested not to go in with her to the classroom right from the start cos to make her more independent. I was so worried she couldn't get used to school life. My worries were redundant. Hubby told me over the phone, this little gal 'bo hiew' him once she got into the classroom. She found herself a seat and played with the toys on the table. She din even turn her head back to look at ah ma or hubby when the lesson started.

When hubby and mum went to fetch her, she told them jie-jie cried. Mum thot she cried and asked teacher but teacher complimented that Wenz is very good cos no crying. They saw a gal crying upon seeing her ah ma. Guess Wenz was referring to this gal.

I was actually feeling quite happy that she's adapting well to the new change. Of course she loves going school cos each toddler was given something at the end of the day. I think I saw jelly in the fridge when I got home. As this is only the first day, shall monitor her for another few more days before I could really feel relieved. I was feeling quite sad I couldn't witness and send her for school on her 1st day. I requested hubby to take some photos so that I could figure out the whole scenario but only the above 3 photos were taken niah. *sigh* I wouldn't say disappointment only it's too few. Anyway it's courtesy from hubby. 3 photos is still better than none. :)

I spoke to Wenz juz before she slept asking her about school and suddenly she stood up on her mattress and 'performed' a new dance which I have never taught her before. She was laughing while dancing away, shaking her little butt with both hands on the waist. Her action really made us laughed. Guess she must have learnt it from school. Well, at least she did learn something from there and it was only her first day.

24 June 2007


Help!!! This little gal suddenly develop the habit of putting her fingers into her mouth since last week. It was like babies sucking thumb for comfort. I'm afraid this bad habit will lead to undesirable nail-biting in future causing her nails to look awful, thus I went to the pharmacy to buy this lotion.

I applied on her today and she loves it when I applied on her nails and fingers. She thot is the same kind of 'painting' she saw gu-gu did on her nails. She put one of her fingers into her mouth not long after applying. Needless to mention, she hates the taste of it. It tasted bitter but she said 辣辣 cos she hasn't expose to the bitter taste. She kept complaining to me till she vomited. We cleaned her up and washed the lotion away. She has reduced putting her fingers in since then. :p

I'm glad this product works. This is not a sponsored post and I'm not doing any promoting as well. We only used it once cos my mum was afraid Wenz might throw up again after tasting it, hahaha :)

23 June 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean

Mimi suddenly has craving for ice-cream and there we went Swensen for yummy ice-cream after dinner. They were having the Pirates of the Caribbean's theme menu and papa ordered a kids' meal for himself but ice-cream for me. Yumm....
I got a 'treasure box' for free and inside was a bandara and an eye-patch. Papa was rather excited when he saw the box. He dressed me up to be a 'pirate' upon reaching home. Do i look like one?? I where got pirates' look?? I'm one cute-looking little angel, okay!! (",)

20 June 2007

My First Time

Whoa....papa and mimi brought me to cinema for my very first movie. They wanted to bring me long ago but lack the courage and confident to do so. Guess I must be very well-behaved recently to make them pluck up the courage. :p

What show did I watch??? What else?? SHREK 3 cos it's mimi and papa's fave. They said wanna wait for lesser people to watch this show in case I yell in the cinema. True enuf, the total number of audience in the cinema is about 20 only including us.

Mimi bot popcorn thinking I might not like it cos everything she gave me recently I also dun wanna eat but who noes???? I lurve it man. I ate so fast and even asked for more, kekeke. So sweet and yummy.

Did I stay awake for the whole movie?? Nah!! I slept with popcorn in my hand after about 15 mins into the movie. However I managed to catch the ending lah cos I woke up in time for it. The whole experience was pleasant to me and my folks. Hiak..hiak....think they might consider bringing me to cinema again!!! Whoppee........heard another good movie coming right up.....If papa bring, sure watch TRANSFORMER but if mimi bring sure watch SURF UP. :)

19 June 2007

Happy Dumpling Day!!

Every year mum will insist on making her own rice dumplings as she loves eating her own dumplings as much as I love eating as well. That's why we went back to her house to stay over for few days. Seeing her from preparing the ingredients to wrapping, then cooking wasn't as easy as I thought. She took a whole day to finish this tedious task in order to produce yummy dumplings. I think she has made at least 200 dumplings. But I guess her skill will 'die' in this generation as I din even pick up a single cooking or special skills from her. All I noe is only EATING!!!

I really love her dumplings and will only eat the dumpling mum made. She will make special dumplings for me every year cos she knows I dun take shitake mushroom so my dumplings will not include this ingredient. How nice of her!!!!

Hmm.....look at the end product, how can I resist not eating them??? I had 3 of it on the day she finished preparing it.

18 June 2007

My New Haircut

How do i look???
As my fringe was getting longer and ah ma wants my hair to be shorter thus easier to manage when school term starts next week, she and mimi brought me down to the normal neighbourhood salon for a haircut during my stay over at gong-gong's place. It costs only $6. Wow, cheap hor??

Besides the price being good, I was very co-operative as well. Mimi wasn't confident initially, that's why she has even forgotten to bring her camera along.

The aunty complimented that I was so guai and my ah ma felt so good about it. I was in fact really very very guai on that day. Ah ma said at least never 'throw her face outside', at home notti nebermind. So does that mean I have the license to create havoc at home?? Wahahaha :)

Mimi was surprised with my behaviour as well. I sat there without moving about, looking into the mirror while the aunty cut my hair with that paiseh look. Oh, I really noe how to act demure man!! Am I a born actress or what??? Hahaha :p

After the cut, the aunty gave me 1 sweet and I even asked for one more. See, if let me stay a little longer down there, think I will display my buay paiseh true self very soon. (",)

My Brave Gal

I have entrusted an important task to hubby yesterday night asking him to bring our gal for chicken pox vaccination today after he came home from work in the morning as Wenz will be going school next week. I never have the courage to witness her being jab. Though I noe I'm doing this for her good, I can't bear to see the needle poking right into her thigh or arm. It hurts me terribly. Guess I inherited this feeling from my mum.

Dad actually offered to help bring Wenz down to the clinic but I told him there is no need cos afraid Wenz might not want gong-gong to carry. So I delegated him to help go down take queue number in the morning and mum tended to the gal's usual routine when she woke up.

As hubby haven't reach home due to some work commitment and appointment time has reached, my dad called my hubby saying he will bring Wenz down.

I called home and asked if she cry and my mum told me she din cry, not even letting out a single sound. WOW, I was amazed. REALLY???? SO surprising!!! Bravo to my gal. Mimi is so proud of you.

Besides praising my own child, I also wanna thank my dad for being so loving towards Wenz. Many a time, we will tend to take caregiver, grandparents or close ones around us for granted, thinking they should do all these things. I'm always very mindful when comes to such issue as I dun wanna them to feel like as if I was making use of them. I'm actually hoping Wenz can grow up to love her grandparents as much as they love her as well.

All about No. 2

Many of my frens asked me if I feel excited about my 2nd pregnancy, my answer is always a "okay lah"! I wonder did I really feel so bo chap this time round?? I pondered when I was in bed alone yesterday.

The little life inside me has been kicking me more and more vigourously after I commented that he's not as active as jie-jie. I think he has heard me. :)

When I think thru the question, I know the answer clearly that he's not been neglected. I do feel excited about his whole presence juz that handling an active toddler at home and running my daily life routine has oredi took up most of my time leaving only little time for me to sleep. The only bonding time with junior is only my that little bit of sleep time after making princess sleep.

I can still remember the birth story of Wenzel. It was as if yesterday that has happened. I hope No. 2 wun give me a lot more surprises that I couldn't comprehend. Hopefully his birth story will not differ too much from Wenzel.

Why did I hope for the same??? I feel differently for both pregnancy. I was so healthy and energised in my first pregnancy but I feel so tired and restless this time round. This time round I also experienced more contraction-like cramps especially when I walk fast or carry heavy things. Aiyo....never had such feeling previously. I have been extra cautious reminding myself not to carry heavy loads, not to walk too fast (which is quite impossible esp gotta walk in to workplace from Mon- Fri fast if late for work), etc....

Arrggh....I always tell myself I must hang-on there and enjoy now cos when this fella comes out, maybe I can't even breath, hahaha :)

Princess Updatez

The occasional stay at my dad's house has slowly 'fine-tuned' Wenz' sleeping habit. I noticed these few days at my dad's place, she woke up earlier and nap time oso earlier, which is good.

Her appetite for solid food din return to normal apparently but that doesn't bother me anymore cos one good thing was she's surviving on MILK. She drank more now to replace her meal. Well, if she really doesn't wanna eat, then leave it loh. Wait till she's interested to eat then I will definitely feed her. I wouldn't want to see myself begging her around. I also bot a bottle of multivitamin from my family clinic to supplement her nutrition. Luckily only 1/2 a teaspoon every morning cos feeding such thing is also a challenge!! :p

Talking about her sleeping habit, something funny happened. As I always have a problem making Wenz take her nap, so I wasn't confident to make her nap on the first day at dad's place. She woke up 8.30am in the morning and I thot it'd be nice if she could nap earlier like 1pm, following the childcare system. Thus, I brought her into mum's room and lie down on the bed together with her, I hum and sang songs and she asked for milk. I fed her milk and hum some lullabies again and I could see her eyes like closing oredi and her milk oso finishing. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and BINGO!!! She was fast asleep. It was a breeeze man.....Hahahaha...what a 'great accomplishment' I thot as I always imagine myself singing to my children, making them sleep way before stepping into motherhood and now dreams like come true!! Silly huh??

I used the same tactics for the few days stay over at dad's place. It works but on the last day while I was humming, trying to fool this clever chic, Wenz told me, she said: "mimi, dun sing"!! Hahaha, I was smart but she is cleverer. It's not that she dun enjoy listening but she knew all these humming and singing were meant to 'drug' her. Hohoho..... smart isn't she??

I noticed in this month of June, she has picked up to speak more in sentences. I was elated. There was once she told her papa to open the door in full sentence and hubby was shocked to realise his princess has grown up. Suddenly, I feel that we can communicate more and more and she understand me more and more too!! Perhaps she's learning the art of speaking right now and she even speaks in her sleep. I think I heard her saying "mimi, remove my socks" yesterday night with her eyes closed. :)

Now singing and chatting is a must before naptime and bedtime and I really enjoy every conversation with her. I realised I still enjoy watching her sleep. The feeling was as if watching her when she was still a newborn. I always enjoy watching her sleep and now I even enjoy making her sleep. This is so heart-warming!!

However, the long holidays and stay-at-home with her has also made her more and more manja towards me. I lurve it but I'm afraid it'll be hard on her when didi comes cos I'm afraid I might not be able to exercise the same amount of time and attention on both. Well, guess I gotta learn when time comes.

17 June 2007

Happy Fathers' Day!!

This Fathers' Day update got no pics to show cos it was a rather busy day for mimi. I din even get to see papa on this day cos he had left for work at 6pm and mimi only managed to reach ye-ye's house at around 8pm together with gong-gong and ah ma. Well, the actual celebration is on tuesday anyway so I still have time to wish my papa Happy Fathers' Day!! :)

We missed the cake cutting but of course cannot miss the eating lah. Hmm....soft and yummy yam cake. I ate quite a lot of it. When we reached, I din even have to warm up and played crazily with Ben kor-kor. Ben kor-kor also missed my presence and kept asking for me before we reached.

I played till dun wanna go home. Guess what time did I stay till??? 12 midnight ah!! The adults were happily chatting away and watching me self-amusing myself as Ben kor-kor oredi tidur at 10.30pm.

Though I din see both my papa and god-papa on this special day, I still wanna wish them a Happy Fathers' Day!! :)

15 June 2007

Early Papa's Day Celebration

As we were going back to gong-gong's house to stay over from Wed to Sat, mimi suggested we celebrate Fathers' Day for gong-gong on Wed night since it was also jiu-jiu's off day.

We went for dinner and mimi bot a cake. Dinner was delicious, same goes for the cake. I was having a great time at the restaurant playing with chopsticks. After all the yummy foody in our tummies, we longer have any more allowance for the cake, thus jiu-jiu drove us home to rest before having our dessert.

I was always afraid of jiu-jiu but surprise, surprise!! I sat on his lap and nua on his body. See, how relax we were. :)
The 2 flavored cake named "Opposites Attract" from BreadTalk was really soft and yummy. Everyone loves it including me.

I was so excited when I saw the cake on the table. I began clapping my hands happily & hum the birthday song tune although the tune din sound quite like a song to the adults. I got a chance to blow out the candle as usual machiam like celebrating for me, kekeke :)

I ate a small piece of each flavor and a little of the fresh strawberry. Just 5 adults and 1 kiddo can almost wallop the whole cake, leaving only a small piece for papa as he gotta work on that day. Well, if papa forgotten to eat it, guess it'll end up in my glutton mimi's stomach, hahaha (",)

12 June 2007


Hmm...after almost 2 weeks of break from work, I have to return to workplace reluctantly. Dunno why I always feel this way after a long break. I took a rather longer time than usual to wake up this morning. Luckily hubby woke me up as he is on morning shift today if not for sure MC one. 2 weeks only oredi cannot wake up for work, jialat, after maternity leave how??? I think situation will be worse cos of the unbearable separation from my 2 lovely children then.

Well, still I have to keep my rice bowl or my kids will have no new clothings, no milk, no food, no toys and no outings if I dun bring income home.

I wonder how many mummies have the same thinking as me. I tend to be able to control my temper better when someone is around in the house helping to share the burden of looking after the kid together. That person need not have to do anything, just his/her presence felt is good enuf. However when comes to be alone with the kid, I flare up easily. To control for one day isn't that bad but if for long like few days alone with kid at home, my temper or rather my tolerance for nuisance behaviour isn't as good as when someone is around, be it my hubby or my mum. I lose my cool and patience easily. Hopefully I can spare the children with my not so good temperament cos I noticed everytime after scolding Wenz I will feel really bad, extremely sad and guilty. I'll blame myself for not being able to be more patient with her. Am I normal?? *scratch head*

11 June 2007

How's Junior Doing??

Went for my routine check today and every thing's fine with junior but not me. My condition has gotten better but not for the cough. Aiyo....coughing non-stop day and night, I nearly coughed my whole lungs out. I was so worried my condition might affect junior inside and even went to see GP last week. The medication obviously din take any effect on the super-duper strong virus inside me. Luckily gynae assured me junior is alright. There again she commented junior's growth is above average on the chart. Hmm.....big baby to expect huh??? ^o^

I spent my 12 days at home doing nothing spectacular but to spend some quality time with my darling princess. Her appetite hasn't return to normal and I really appreciate all friends who has gave their suggestions.

She was all along resist to changes esp towards food and didn't take in solid food well. She dun like BREAD at all but these 2 days she surprised me by asking for bread and she really ate it, not the whole thing though but at least 1/4 of it.

Her routine has changed since she started rejecting food.

8.30am 200ml milk
10.30am 1 bowl of cereal
1.30pm 1 big bowl of porridge
2.30pm NAP
5.30pm 200ml milk
7.30pm 1 big bowl of porridge
10.00pm 200ml milk

8.30am 160ml milk
12.00pm 1 bowl of cereal
2.30pm 160ml milk
3.00pm NAP
5.30pm 80ml milk
9.30pm 1 small bowl of porridge
10.30pm 160ml milk

Her nap and intake has decreased as shown. I really really hope it's just a passing phase and not permanent. I tried giving her new food but still she dun show any interest in EATING at all.

Even while feeding her porridge nowadays is a challenge. WHY??? We have to do multiple things with her to distract her like letting her do craft, drawing or coloring while we feed her. Her interest only last for a meal so we couldn't use back the same method for the next meal.

I also noticed she is an egoistic toddler cos she refused to say she wants to eat even though she is hungry, but she will sit on her usual place for makan and I noe she wanna eat. See, so young already got so much pride in her, next time dunno how??? @_@

09 June 2007

STRESS level at its PEAK

I dunno what has got into Wenz recently. She has been rejecting food, even her all-time fave cereal in the morning and yummy porridge in the afternoon. Is this part of the Terrible 2 package??? I really dunno. Everytime I ask her if she wanna eat, she will shake her head vigorously and express she don't want. Won't she feel hungry at all??

These few days even I had successfully 'forced' down (I noe it's not right to do that) her usual morning cereal at 10.30am, she will skip her lunch TOTALLY and her next meal will be like 8pm to 9pm. But still she dun wanna eat willingly as before. Some form of forcing and threatening was still needed to make sure she eat a little bit. The portion was far too small than before, from one bowl to 1/3 of it. I'm at wits end already. Have tried all sort of method like playing her fave cd on tv, baiting her with her fave snacks etc.... still she's not eating. HELP!!! Who can help to explain all these that was happening to me right now???

Nowadays, whenever comes to feeding time, my mum and me will be very very stressed up. I'm worried about her nutrition level and was very very afraid she might have gastric problem if she continues not to eat. How can her appetite change so drastically overnight??? Aiyo......I'm still clueless to solve this situation. Any kind soul out there has any good suggestion can drop me a solution please???

08 June 2007

Piano and Xylophone

For my last lesson of holiday program, I learnt Piano. Besides Piano, Xylophone was also introduced. From this lesson, we can understand that piano has black and white keys and it requires our fingers to play in order to have sound produced. We each got our chance to place our fingers on the mini piano teacher brought to class. Teacher Esther played a cd on the actual sound of a piece of music using piano for us to listen. It was melodious.

We played a few simple and interesting games to create awareness of the instrument learnt today as well as all instruments that we have learnt for the past few days.

We did 2 crafts as usual. The first one was fun cos I had finger-painting on the paper with a keyboard printed. I enjoyed the 1st craft very much. The 2nd craft was actually a mini version of the 'music book' introduced to us in every lesson. Inside this book were various instruments that we have learnt since day 1 till date and we are bringing our very own book home for some refresher in future.

1st Craft - Finger-Painting

2nd Craft - Music Book

07 June 2007

Brass Instruments - The Trumpet

So fast it was already the 2nd last day of my holiday program at ZP. Brass instruments such as trumpet, tuba, french horn and trombone were introduced. Saxophone is also belong to this category.

I think I don't like brass instruments cos the sound that these instruments produced wasn't as nice as string instruments and others. Saxophone and trumpet still okay but on 2nd thot trumpet may be too noisy if listen for long.

The craft were rather simple to do, just some pasting and coloring. Lidat oso good cos mimi wasn't feeling well to complete too complicated tasks.

Present to you my 2 masterpiece of the day:

06 June 2007

String Instruments - The Violin

I was late for lesson today cos I threw a very terrible tantrum at home in the morning that caused all the delay. I kena smacked and scolded as well for my bad behaviour. :'(

Anyway, today is the 3rd day already and String Instruments like Violin, Double Bass and Cello were the limelight. All these instruments needed a bow to play with the exception of Guitar. Violin was the focus in class and teacher even played Mozart's pieces for us to enjoy cos Mozart loves to play his pieces with violin. Violin only has 4 strings. Each tot got their chance to play the violin. Teacher also played the sound of Cello for us to listen.

The 2 craft work we did were Guitar and the 2nd one was the easiest so far cos only required to glue the strings to the Violin on paper.

1st Craft - Guitar
2nd Craft - Violin Artpiece

05 June 2007

Percussion Instrument - The Drum

On the 2nd day of ZP program, Percussion Instruments were introduced. What are percussion instruments?? This include castanet, triangle, tamborine, drum and maracas, all those that require our hand to make sound.

We were exposed more to the drum and we even got to bring a drum back. This was done up during our 1st craft time. We did a shaker for the 2nd craft time. Here there are......

1st Craft - The Drum

2nd Craft - Shaker

04 June 2007

Wind Instruments - The Flute

Today mark the 1st day of Wenz holiday pgm for the year 2007. I have enrolled her for 5-days Zoophonics Holiday Program. This time round the theme is "The Sound of Music". Needless to say further, we will learn a lot of music-related instruments that can produce different sound.

We learnt 'Wind Instruments' such as the oboe, flute, recorder, picolo on the 1st day but were more exposed to the flute. Wind instruments meaning instruments requiring your mouth to blow.

The structure of the lesson was more or less like the previous holiday program Wenz had attended there last year. She dun like to sit still during story-telling as usual.

The only difference now is I notice she has changed a little as she is more willing to share and return the instruments given to her. There was this little boy who refused to return whatever given to teacher Esther and Wenz even tried to 'help' him return the item by snatching. Oh gosh...she used to behave like that little boy and now she's playing the heroic act.

We did 2 craft work: the 1st piece is achieved by blowing to help disperse the paint on the paper whereas the 2nd one is to do a flute.

1st Craft - Artpiece

2nd Craft - Flute

03 June 2007

SAHM for 12 days

As you can see from the title, I'm gonna be a SAHM for few days.

Hurray!! I can take a break from my work and stay at home finally. The sad thing is not for long of course, only 12 days in total. Domestic helpers also need a break let alone my mum. I seriously think she needs some well-deserved rest. She went home on Vesak Day Eve leaving only me and Wenz.

The thot of SAHM was wonderful but not everything turned out fine for me. My ideal SAHM is someone who is capable of handling EVERYTHING in the house, keeping all chores done and all meals nicely cooked. I wanted very much to do a good job as an SAHM without anyone around to help out i.e. doing the house chores, tending and cooking healthy meals for my darling princess, whipping up something nice for hubby as well etc.. Moreover I wasn't feeling well when I took over the task as a SAHM but I told myself no excuses.

To cook for darling princess is definitely no problem as I have been doing that during weekends. To do house chores in the house is also not a problem to me as I can make a good domestic helper. BUT to whip up something nice for hubby is a great problem to me. WHY???

It has been 2 years since I last cooked for hubby when our lives were without kid then and when my mum has yet to come and stay with us. It was until this point of time till I realised I have outsourced so many tasks to my mum esp the cooking bit and overly relied on people around me to do things for me or did I take advantage of them and the whole situation??

Anyway, it didn't dampen my spirit and determination to attempt cooking after the long break.

1st day - Vesak Day Eve (Wed).....feeling unwell as having sore throat
I didn't cook anything as mum has already prepared nice meal for the whole family. What I need to do was merely tending to the needs of my 2 darlings.

2nd day - Vesak Day (Thur).....felt lousy bcos of the burnt porridge. Who can be more stupid than me??
I cooked porridge for myself and didn't watch the fire while I feed Wenz. What happen next??? I got burnt porridge but I ate the unburnt portion of course.

As hubby will be working night tmr so I was all out wanted to cook a meal for him tmr. I went to get some groceries with Wenz. After the burnt porridge incident, my confidence level has shaken a bit.

3rd Day - Friday.....Still having sore throat plus cough
It was as if mum has great foresight, she called up and said she had cooked some dishes for me. She knows our routine so well that my hubby will definitely eat his dinner at home before going to work so she had my dad to deliver the 'tingkat' to me. What I need to do was only to cook rice. Dad asked if I know how to steam rice and I purposely put up a brave front and answered, "What's so difficult about it??"

Every time if mum cooks, she will cook big portion. The tingkat she asked to send contained a lot of food enuf for 3 -4 persons. I decided to steam only a portion of rice sufficient for hubby. I know the method of cooking rice using rice cooker but to use steaming method, I dun really know cos have never tried before but I went ahead and tried out.

The rice turned out too soggy. Hubby said the rice tasted like porridge without the liquid *_* but the dishes were nice. He thot I cooked it as I didn't tell him. Later then I told him the dishes were prepared by my mum then he commented: "No wonder I was thinking how can ur cooking skill improved so much??" *Felt a punch on my face*

4th Day - Saturday
It was hubby's off day and this time round no phone call from mum. I woke up early to brew yummy soup and get ready the ingredients for tonight's dinner. My intention was to prepare a meal with 3 dishes and 1 soup. I was enthusiastic the moment I thot of it. The feeling was like as if we were in courtship. *blush*

I waited for the time to be right before cooking as I dun wanna prepare something that needs reheating. No pics to show cos the moment I finished cooking I knew hubby wun enjoy eating it but still I present the dishes nicely on his plate.

I made a mistake twice. I dun think I can find someone as dumb as me. The rice that I steamed this time round turned out to be soggy AGAIN. Haiz.......how can I be so stupid!!!!

The dishes looked AWFUL but edible loh. You can't really tell difference between sambal and black pepper cos both has the same color....got it??

The only thing that comes as a consolation is my steam egg. Dun look fantastic but tasted okay. My soup was superb. I guess I could only cook soupy thing cos this method is used to cook Wenz' s meals everyday.

If u ask me to give a rating for the appearance and taste of the dishes I cooked, I will give 1/10. At least one point for my effort. *crying*

Yet my supportive hubby finished up everything on the plate. 真是難為他了!! From his look, I knew that he didn't wanna hurt me but I'm not going to be beaten by this ordeal. I have made up my mind to learn some basic cooking from mum when she return home and hopefully the next time when I cook again it will leave hubby a different impression, provided he still dare to take up the challenge. Never felt so lousy before. I'm really such a failure and disappointment to be a woman, to be a wife......*sigh*

5th Day - Sunday.....cough got worsen
Mum will be returning back today but night time. Still I have to cook for myself. I cooked pasta as this is the easiest item I know of. Tasted much better than yesterday meal. I'm better in western-style of cooking than Chinese-style.

As my cough did not get any better and was so afraid Wenz might got it from me, I was actually feeling quite relieved mum is returning home. I must admit partly also due to the cooking stress.

When mum got home, her condition was worse than mine. She got 3-in-1 combo meaning headache, a much serious than mine cough and super flu. Aiyo her life is so hard, I notice every time when she rests she will fall ill. Hopefully she recover soon.

The rest of the days will be SAHM with mum around. After the 5 days, I learnt to appreciate my mum even more and love her even more. Hopefully I can be a great mum like her next time; a somebody my children can depend on :)
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