29 November 2008

Baby Chloe's Full Month

Right after uncle Willie's and aunty Irene's wedding celebration, we went for baby Chloe's Full Month celebration to send her our well-wishes. Her mummy aka mummy Karen is mum's good fren during her poly days. We reached their house before the stated timing and became the 1st guest as papa and mummy still need to go home rest then can go out in the night for KTV session. Thus we didn't stay there for too long but we managed to wait for aunty Anne to reach. We left shortly after an hour plus. Juz wanna wish baby Chloe: Be Blessed, Be Healthy and Be Happy!!! :)

Tied Knot Finally....

One of papa's buddies, uncle Willie has finally decided to enter the graveyard of love marriage and exchange wedding vows with his love one, aunty Irene. We have been waiting for the day to come and now is the moment.....Congrats to u both!! (",)

I was counting down to this day impatiently by asking mummy everyday when is uncle Willie's wedding. Needless to say why were I so anxious for this day to come, of course to wear like a princess and send my best wishes to them lah. :p

The celebration is a simple yet all-rounded with customary in the early early morning and solemnisation at the poolside of Swissotel followed by a lunch reception at the Ellenborough Market Cafe. Papa was one of the brothers who went thru thick and thin in the morning for uncle Willie.

I was still busy with the same pose while waiting for all guests to be seated. Mummy and uncle Kamal was served separately from the other guests cos uncle Kamal only takes Halal food and mummy only takes vegetarian food. However, papa went to the buffet spread to get mummy some cakes and desert.

Dun see the above fella looked so gross and disgusting, mummy finished 2 big bowls of that and still thinking of whether to take another bowl. Yes, the yummy durian pengat that made mummy drooled over. :p

What about me? I gotto eat not 1, not 2 but 3 marshmello sticks with chocolate fondue. Want a kiss from me?? Hiak hiak hiak.....

Aunty Irene looked so pretty on her big day, juz like a princess. This will make 2 princesses in this photo. *shyless me*

Once again, congrats and I will like to quote mummy's fave "祝你們兩早生貴子"!

The buddies taking photo together with the bride and the groom.

See ya at the KTV tonight!!! Hmm....think I dun get to go cos mummy for sure wun bring me de. Sob sob...boo hoo....(",)

26 November 2008

Santa Claus is coming to Town.....

I got my very 1st X'mas pressie from jiu-jiu and jiu-ma. It is something i like very very much and has been pestering mummy to buy. I noe both jiu-jiu and jiu-ma dote on me alot cos everytime they come to visit ah ma and gong gong, they will never forget to get me something. I hardly see them cos jiu-jiu is a busy man wor. Since they were here for dinner, jiu-ma decided to buy me a x'mas pressie earlier juz in case I couldn't see 'em b4 25th.

barbie doll

Thanks jiu-jiu and jiu-ma. I lurrrrrve it very very much. :)

25 November 2008

Changi Airport

Mummy brought us to the airport to send off a bunch of temple-mates going for pilgrimage. Ah ma and gong gong went as well. We met lotsa aunties and uncles there but we were only concern about running around and have fun. Oops.. :p

Didi is his uncle so that will mean I'm his aunty loh....hohohoho...I'm such a young aunty. In fact, didi is younger than him. His mummy, my cousin is expecting a NO.3 now, one more nephew arriving Earth next year. :)

The theme for this year airport X'mas deco is Disney. *sigh* This mummy... rubbish bin oso wanna take photo *shake head* Luckily the bin not smelly ah

After sending off the 1st batch of people in T3, we went to the basement foodcourt for our dinner. Didi and I chomp chomp chomp our food away to regain the lost energy as we need to go over to T1 to send off another batch of people.

Didi where can guai guai sit down in the pram for hours? All these while, he was able to wriggle out of his pram even though he was tightly buckled. So mummy let him down and soon he was in high spirit, running very fast and making mummy chasing after him.

He switched to sobbing mood the moment mummy put him back to his pram after sending off the 2nd batch of people. Didi, no point putting up unnecessary struggle, crying cannot get ur way thru de. Be good be good ok! Come, let me pat pat sayang u (",)

24 November 2008


Nai-nai called up ah ma suddenly saying wanna go East Coast Park for some recreational activities since it was already school holidays. I was happy of course. Poor didi was awaken forcefully after abt an hr of nap time nia.

We took a stroll after makan and look out for vacant shelter so that we could occupy one for ourselves.

We rented 3 bicycles, one of which was with the children seat for papa to take me for a ride, one was with lower seat for Ben kor-kor and another one for ye-ye. The adults took turns to ride and at the same time looking after didi.

It wasn't easy running after didi as he 'cow dunno horse' anyhow run, touch the ground and pick up things, we were so afraid he might fall like me. I fell down not long after reaching there.

Mummy joined us there after work. She didn't cycle but was there to enjoy the cool breeze and blue sky.

I cried terribly when I fell but now I could smile for the camera. Fell down still can pose. :p

Everyone says Cheers!!

As didi became unstoppable, he was strapped up. He put up some struggle initially but upon realising that this was something new, he has decided to see what's papa up to!!!

I think didi only enjoyed meddling with the bell on the handlebar cos mummy called his name countless times and he juz simply wun look at her.

Finally it was my turn to enjoy the last ride before returning the bicycle and head for Parkway Parade for some light refreshments and shopping. When can we come back again?? I promise I'll guai guai wear proper footgear so as not to fall again. :)

23 November 2008

Cutie Pie Terror

My cutie pie can run some simple errand by listening to simple instruction. He enjoys carrying bag and he can help me bring my bag to me when I ask him to. He will trick me at times unleashing his cheeky potential. This cheekiness trait is a vast difference between the 2 kiddos. (",)

22 November 2008

Disney Live! 3 Classic Fairy Tales

I've been pestering my mummy to bring me go watch Princess whenever I see the commercial on TV. Mummy told me no more good seats available when she checked online but luckily she spotted one mummy selling away her tickets in the forum and it was 4th row from the front. Of course mai dan liao, mummy grabbed it straight away. As that kind mummy intended to sell all 4 tickets at one go, mummy quickly jio and 'psycho' aunty Karen using her tok gong persuading skill. :p

A super happy me in very high spirit couldn't wait to get in and meet all Princesses. Do I look like a Princess as well?

Mummy said dun buy any merchandise cos any item costs at least more than $20. Just a simple wand will burn off her pocket by $30+. The cheapest item u can find is this popcorn liao.

Let me and Kylie mei-mei take a photo before going in. One good thing about buying the best-priced ticket is no need to queue while entering, everything is express de. I think they adopt the same concept as just like buying the business class type of air ticket.

Mummy grabbed a booster seat for me just in case I'm too pendek and the person who sat in front is too tall then I cannot see clearly.

I was super engrossed when the show started by Mickey and his friends dancing.

I stayed really attentive when Mickey & his friends were introducing what's coming right up....

The first story was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs:

The 2nd story was Cinderella:

Before the ending of the 2nd story, Mickey and friends came out to interrupt. Hmm....I think Cinderella wanna go toilet-break lah. So I quickly gobbled down my porridge. I was able to finish my dinner within the 15-mins break and even have extra time for some more photo-taking.

Then show time resume as per normal. After the ending of the 2nd story, we were taken to the scene of the 3rd story.

The last story for the night was Beauty and the Beast:

Of all the 3 stories, I like the song most from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, I like the story most from Cinderella and I love the dress most from Beauty and the Beast.

The show ended beautifully with a loud pop and the release of lotsa glittering shimmering pieces from the top and landed onto us. Only the people at the front seats experienced this. All the kids were elated. The whole scene was just too captivating luring u into a magical moment.

I truly enjoyed it. Erm...I think mummy enjoyed too then got chance to pester her to bring me again next year! :p

Anime Fair@Suntec

One fine Saturday morning and papa was wide awake particularly early cos there was an anime fair at suntec. Papa was very ON cos he went down there even though he gotto work night shift leh. He was buzzing at mummy to be quick as the time tick-tock tick tock and by the time we left home oredi 9 plus in the morning. Of course he not very happie initially lah.

Papa eating his power snack bar mummy brought along while queuing for tickets. The queue was really long and took us about 30 minutes to step in front of the ticketing booth.

Look at these 2 fellas, entrance oso wanna take foto, think maybe they scared people dunno they went there lah. They even pull me down the water.

Papa was captivated by the robots robots called Gundam whereas me like cutie cutie stuffs more. Wonder if papa will get one for me bo! But then hor how come no barbie princess huh? :p

Saw those figurines on the display shelves? Those are part of papa's fave. His ultimate fave is still Macross though. Well, to know more about his hobby and collection, go here. :)

I could see a happy big kid putting on his best smile while posing with the giant size Exia Gundam. I think papa was happier with the paperbag containing lil' toys that he was holding onto as I could see the happie expression on his face when I gave it to him. I couldn't rmb where I kahpo it from or maybe some uncles from Taka booth found me so cute then gimme. (",)
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