17 November 2008

14 Months loh....

14 months is gone and Denz is getting cuter each day with his added-on new skills and abilities to humor me and make my day each time he looks at me cheekily and put on his that sexy smile. :)

He is in the midst of learning to walk up and down steps. I have stacked up mattresses to achieve the different height effect to create steps for him to practice at home so that even if he trip and fall, he wouldn't be hurt. U juz gotto see that ya-ya & satisfaction look on his face whenever he managed to walk up and down without falling. He could practice for hours on his 1st day and if he felt tired, he will lie down and take a short rest then resume his usual practice.

His temperament became worse though. Besides cheeky, which is his main trait that makes him juz sooo cutez, his yelling and throwing of tantrum is something I dislike. He will cry if someone take away the thing that he is holding onto. Wenz always does that to make him cry. Such action is inevitable for a jealous sister. However, he loves hitting people and dun see him small small, his strength machiam like adult. Wenz became his victim in this case.

Denz is smarter when comes to food. He knows how to ask for food and I wonder if he is hungry or plain greedy cos he will say 'eat ah' everytime he sees TV ads and programs on food like Pizzahut, Mac, Buffet Buffet etc. He is also fond of peeking thru the safety gate to the kitchen and maintain eye contact with ah ma then say 'eat eat ah'. This is something I dun see from Wenz. When comes to feeding, he is tryjng to act smart too. My mum will feed him most of the time while I feed Wenz. With the same porridge in different bowls but he will point to mine asking for the food inside the bowl I was holding as he thot the one I fed Wenz must be tastier or different from his usual one. Act smart right? :p

14 months oredi so 'keng', I wonder what will he be up to next month? Nevertheless, he is one cute fella. Happy 14 months sonny! (",)

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