12 November 2008

Parent-Teacher-Conference (PTC)

Wenz' school term is coming to an end. Hb and I had juz went for the 2nd PTC session of this year. She will be promoted to Nursery class next year. I'm still procrastinating whether to appeal for a transfer of classes as most of her current classmates will be going to another class different from her. I shall make the decision next week when I go and buy her uniform.

Her overall performance in school was great with the exception of her behaviour. Her teacher, Karren highlighted that she has find her to portray a lil' behavioural problem as she doesn't admit her mistake when she was told of. She will look at her, ponder a while then break down.

As a mother's point of view, I fully agree what the teacher has mentioned but to my understanding of this gal, she will display such behaviour ONLY when she thinks she is not in the wrong else she will say "SORRY" willingly de. Of course I did not probe further wat has happened to her in school because a parent should have 100% trust in the teachers in school to be able to nurture and educate the young. I wouldn't like people to question my quality of work either. Guess Wenz will comprehend and learn the complexity of emotional Intelligence as she grows. Keep up the good work, Princess Wenz!! :)

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