21 November 2008

My 1st Camp

Mummy has signed me up for a 2-day Kinder Art Adventure Camp organised by my school. !st day was full of arty-farty activities. Saw the frame and cup in the pic? It was done during 1st day. I got myself dirty all over and ah ma nearly fainted when nai-nai fetch me home cos the 'dirty-stuff' stained all over my clothes was not able to remove. Nai-nai then brought my clothes home to bleach and use her what-so-ever super-duper solution then manage to clean it. :)

This program is also open to public, thus aunty Chris oso signed up for Shervon. We were in the same group as I think got some 'kelong' arrangement inside lah. No pic to show u how much we enjoyed ourselves as I'm still young to be responsible leh so mummy definitely wouldn't allow me to bring camera. Oso good lah, such a hassle to always ask people to smile here smile there mah and sekali make spoil how? Disney Live coming then cannot take picture ah.

After the camp, each of us was given a bag of loot inside. Saw my name there? Dun play play ah, got achievement certificate awarded ok!! :p

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