22 November 2008

Disney Live! 3 Classic Fairy Tales

I've been pestering my mummy to bring me go watch Princess whenever I see the commercial on TV. Mummy told me no more good seats available when she checked online but luckily she spotted one mummy selling away her tickets in the forum and it was 4th row from the front. Of course mai dan liao, mummy grabbed it straight away. As that kind mummy intended to sell all 4 tickets at one go, mummy quickly jio and 'psycho' aunty Karen using her tok gong persuading skill. :p

A super happy me in very high spirit couldn't wait to get in and meet all Princesses. Do I look like a Princess as well?

Mummy said dun buy any merchandise cos any item costs at least more than $20. Just a simple wand will burn off her pocket by $30+. The cheapest item u can find is this popcorn liao.

Let me and Kylie mei-mei take a photo before going in. One good thing about buying the best-priced ticket is no need to queue while entering, everything is express de. I think they adopt the same concept as just like buying the business class type of air ticket.

Mummy grabbed a booster seat for me just in case I'm too pendek and the person who sat in front is too tall then I cannot see clearly.

I was super engrossed when the show started by Mickey and his friends dancing.

I stayed really attentive when Mickey & his friends were introducing what's coming right up....

The first story was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs:

The 2nd story was Cinderella:

Before the ending of the 2nd story, Mickey and friends came out to interrupt. Hmm....I think Cinderella wanna go toilet-break lah. So I quickly gobbled down my porridge. I was able to finish my dinner within the 15-mins break and even have extra time for some more photo-taking.

Then show time resume as per normal. After the ending of the 2nd story, we were taken to the scene of the 3rd story.

The last story for the night was Beauty and the Beast:

Of all the 3 stories, I like the song most from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, I like the story most from Cinderella and I love the dress most from Beauty and the Beast.

The show ended beautifully with a loud pop and the release of lotsa glittering shimmering pieces from the top and landed onto us. Only the people at the front seats experienced this. All the kids were elated. The whole scene was just too captivating luring u into a magical moment.

I truly enjoyed it. Erm...I think mummy enjoyed too then got chance to pester her to bring me again next year! :p

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