03 November 2008

Whose birthday's today???

Today is this lady aka monalisa-lookalike's birthday. Her birthday falls on the 3rd of Nov every year. Yes!! I noe her for a very long time liao, right in the 90s till now. She is not Monalisa. Hey frens, can u guess who is she?

This was really a rare occasion to gather 4 tai-tais to celebrate this fella's birthday on a weekday last week! Everything fell in plan and celebration went on smoothly. It has been a long long time since we last celebrated her birthday during school days. I'm glad everyone enjoy the day-out...

U r viewing the photo that created alot of hoo-haas in the Facebook

Luckily we had celebrated her birthday earlier cos we know 2 other fellas will help her celebrate this important day - One L and one S, definitely not LS....choy choy...Vince and Jeanie lah..who else??? :)

On this actual special day of hers, the 3 tai-tais would like to wish her a Happy XXth Birthday!! (Hint: Can change ur NRIC liao loh, hehehe :p)

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