10 November 2008

The 4 Dancing Princess

Yippee......I am selected by my school to put up a Pre-Nursery item for the K2 Graduation Nite this coming Friday. Together with me were 3 other princesses from my class. We will be putting up a dance performance on stage specially scripted and directed by teacher Cai Ning.

Now let me proudly introduce the dancing princesses to u. *drum rolling*

The 1st Princess - Cassandra
The most petite among all but she is cheeky and bubbly.

Next is Kaylen
A pretty missy, dreamy at times and playful too....Oh Yeah!

And I have Chloe as my dancing partner
A witty ballerina and the only princess who remembers all the dance moves

I'm the last Princess
...always asking to put on lipstick and wings

Cassandra and I will be wearing our usual ballet costumes while Chloe and Kaylen will be putting on ballet costumes specially bot for the event. The most exciting thing about this performance besides able to wear makeup is we will be able to put on our wings for our dance performance. Hooray.....I can continue to fulfill my dreams as a Butterfly Fairy once again..... :)


  1. The four fairy princesses are so adorable!

  2. Yup, fully agree with that statement....Cutie Angels on the Move....:)


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