24 November 2008


Nai-nai called up ah ma suddenly saying wanna go East Coast Park for some recreational activities since it was already school holidays. I was happy of course. Poor didi was awaken forcefully after abt an hr of nap time nia.

We took a stroll after makan and look out for vacant shelter so that we could occupy one for ourselves.

We rented 3 bicycles, one of which was with the children seat for papa to take me for a ride, one was with lower seat for Ben kor-kor and another one for ye-ye. The adults took turns to ride and at the same time looking after didi.

It wasn't easy running after didi as he 'cow dunno horse' anyhow run, touch the ground and pick up things, we were so afraid he might fall like me. I fell down not long after reaching there.

Mummy joined us there after work. She didn't cycle but was there to enjoy the cool breeze and blue sky.

I cried terribly when I fell but now I could smile for the camera. Fell down still can pose. :p

Everyone says Cheers!!

As didi became unstoppable, he was strapped up. He put up some struggle initially but upon realising that this was something new, he has decided to see what's papa up to!!!

I think didi only enjoyed meddling with the bell on the handlebar cos mummy called his name countless times and he juz simply wun look at her.

Finally it was my turn to enjoy the last ride before returning the bicycle and head for Parkway Parade for some light refreshments and shopping. When can we come back again?? I promise I'll guai guai wear proper footgear so as not to fall again. :)

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