22 November 2008

Anime Fair@Suntec

One fine Saturday morning and papa was wide awake particularly early cos there was an anime fair at suntec. Papa was very ON cos he went down there even though he gotto work night shift leh. He was buzzing at mummy to be quick as the time tick-tock tick tock and by the time we left home oredi 9 plus in the morning. Of course he not very happie initially lah.

Papa eating his power snack bar mummy brought along while queuing for tickets. The queue was really long and took us about 30 minutes to step in front of the ticketing booth.

Look at these 2 fellas, entrance oso wanna take foto, think maybe they scared people dunno they went there lah. They even pull me down the water.

Papa was captivated by the robots robots called Gundam whereas me like cutie cutie stuffs more. Wonder if papa will get one for me bo! But then hor how come no barbie princess huh? :p

Saw those figurines on the display shelves? Those are part of papa's fave. His ultimate fave is still Macross though. Well, to know more about his hobby and collection, go here. :)

I could see a happy big kid putting on his best smile while posing with the giant size Exia Gundam. I think papa was happier with the paperbag containing lil' toys that he was holding onto as I could see the happie expression on his face when I gave it to him. I couldn't rmb where I kahpo it from or maybe some uncles from Taka booth found me so cute then gimme. (",)

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