14 November 2008

The DAY has Come....

Today is the day I'm going on stage. Everyone is coming to watch me except papa who has to work night shift and gong-gong.

Mummy gets the Invitation card ready for ah ma to bring along juz in case. I'm going rehearsal now to polish up the last bit of flaws.

Will be back tonight for updatez.....(",)


  1. Papa surprise appearance! Thnx to my boss who allows me to take leave to see my princess'first performance.

  2. wow! princess performing. ur daddy and mummy sure very excited and proud of u!!! :)

  3. >>>dennis
    Papa's surprise appearance surprised me more than Wenz...hehehe :p

    Thanks! We are sure proud of her achievement. Didn't noe she can do that much. Soon will be Dash's turn :)


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