16 November 2008

We Like to Move-It Move-It....

The theme for this year K2 graduation musical play is "The Wizard of Oz". All the participants for the play were busy rehearsing and trying to get things right while I was enjoying the soundtrack of Madagascar, one of the songs used in the play, till I know how to hum it......."I like to move-it move-it, He likes to move-it move-it, She likes to move-it move-it, We like to MOVE-IT." :)

The moment I reached, the 3 princesses were busy dolling up, mummy then quickly do up my hair, put on make up for me and teacher Cai Ning then added some glitter and shimmer to all the princesses' eyes.

Tadah....The 4 Dancing Princesses after beautifying moments....

I was all ready and posing a victory after grooving around with my ballet moves for Aunty Choo and Teacher Zhang to see. *face blushing*

It wasn't our turn for rehearsal so we juz gotto find some self-amusing and entertaining programs for ourselves to kill time while the mummies chatted away. (Sigh...the obvious trait of my talkative mummy)

Soon it was almost 6pm and also rest and makan time for the musical play participants. We had our rehearsal after they cleared the stage. We danced thrice and appeared confident. *shyless* Mummy gave every princess a lollipop after meal cos she knew all the princesses did not nap at all and it was about time for some fussiness and crankiness. Luckily the candies do come in handy as princesses' batt were flat. We need some glucose to power up badly. (me think I can use this excuse to eat candy next time when mummy says NOooo)

Soon it was about time for show-time and guests flocked in slowly and filled up the seats. My supporters aka Ah ma, Ye-ye, Nai-nai, Ben kor-kor and didi all came to watch me. I have got a Guest Appearance too.......*drum rolling* PAPA. Luckily papa's boss gave him off for the night so he was able to come watch me move-it move-it! Think must buy kopi for his boss to thank him liao. Mummy says must have good PR skill at work, maybe kopi nia is not enuf must add 2 more pieces of pratas as well. :p

We were all happy and ready to go on stage. A photo taken with our dance instructor aka Teacher Cai Ning. Mummy went on stage to help out too!

We weren't nervous at all but dunno why Teacher Cai Ning and mummy look so kan cheong like going to shit the pants out of 'em when we were about to position ourselves on stage. Everything went on smoothly and the greatest effort of course goes out to Teacher Cai Ning. A big applause for her time, patience and dedication in coaching us. :)

After a minute of limelight, we made our way down the stage. We were really tired but of course happy. So nice to know that some of our freinds came to support us as well.

A tired ME KO right after leaving the venue and I insisted on sitting on didi's pram. Of course I have my reason for my persistence to sit on the pram lah....

1 comment:

  1. wat a beautiful princess.
    next time i want to send my gal to learn ballet too! :)
    btw, my son is also into "i like to move it move it" song.


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