25 November 2008

Changi Airport

Mummy brought us to the airport to send off a bunch of temple-mates going for pilgrimage. Ah ma and gong gong went as well. We met lotsa aunties and uncles there but we were only concern about running around and have fun. Oops.. :p

Didi is his uncle so that will mean I'm his aunty loh....hohohoho...I'm such a young aunty. In fact, didi is younger than him. His mummy, my cousin is expecting a NO.3 now, one more nephew arriving Earth next year. :)

The theme for this year airport X'mas deco is Disney. *sigh* This mummy... rubbish bin oso wanna take photo *shake head* Luckily the bin not smelly ah

After sending off the 1st batch of people in T3, we went to the basement foodcourt for our dinner. Didi and I chomp chomp chomp our food away to regain the lost energy as we need to go over to T1 to send off another batch of people.

Didi where can guai guai sit down in the pram for hours? All these while, he was able to wriggle out of his pram even though he was tightly buckled. So mummy let him down and soon he was in high spirit, running very fast and making mummy chasing after him.

He switched to sobbing mood the moment mummy put him back to his pram after sending off the 2nd batch of people. Didi, no point putting up unnecessary struggle, crying cannot get ur way thru de. Be good be good ok! Come, let me pat pat sayang u (",)

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