18 November 2008

I've WON!!

Yesterday was Wenz' last day of school and each was given a Nov/Dec copy of Junior n U magazine. I was there to fetch her as I wasn't working. The 1st thing her teacher said to me was "What's ur son's name?". Then she told me Denz' foto was published.

Woohoo....which means I won something. Erm.... not I won is Denz won. :) Well, though not much, juz a $20 Mothercare voucher, but still I'm very happy. *wink wink*

Can u spot where is Denz? Not difficult to find right? I have actually submitted 2 entries, one for Wenz and one for Denz. It is oso Denz' maiden contest and he won. Sad to say that Wenz always never win anything even for past contest. Still wanna thank JnU and Mothercare.

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