05 November 2008


I have been training Denz on straw way before he turned ONE and he juz simply couldn't suck from straw making me gotto feed him water by spoon. But how much can he drink from spoon? It would be better for him to drink from straw, isn't it?
I remembered Wenz knew how to drink from straw at around 8-9 months. I also know different children has different development milestones and I shouldn't be comparing. I have read on Judy's blog mentioning that his son also started sucking from straw at a late stage and now I can fully understand the kind of joy when Denz finally did it. :p

He also gets really excited when he realises how to drink from straw. However, there is a problem here as he is always spotted going around snatching Wenz' bottle whenever he sees it. Think it's time for me to get him a bottle too :)


  1. Hey I also have that problem, Jeanie also love to snatch her gor gor water bottle and suck up all the water. She seem more interested in others water botttle than herself "LOL"

  2. Seems like all kids are the same in nature. Hee! Hee!

  3. Hi elaine,

    Snatching and finishing up the water is okay leh....my sonny bite the straw until straw portion spoil leh else he will suck a bit then throw the bottle on the floor...*headache..dunno when then he will stop throwing things*


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