29 November 2008

Tied Knot Finally....

One of papa's buddies, uncle Willie has finally decided to enter the graveyard of love marriage and exchange wedding vows with his love one, aunty Irene. We have been waiting for the day to come and now is the moment.....Congrats to u both!! (",)

I was counting down to this day impatiently by asking mummy everyday when is uncle Willie's wedding. Needless to say why were I so anxious for this day to come, of course to wear like a princess and send my best wishes to them lah. :p

The celebration is a simple yet all-rounded with customary in the early early morning and solemnisation at the poolside of Swissotel followed by a lunch reception at the Ellenborough Market Cafe. Papa was one of the brothers who went thru thick and thin in the morning for uncle Willie.

I was still busy with the same pose while waiting for all guests to be seated. Mummy and uncle Kamal was served separately from the other guests cos uncle Kamal only takes Halal food and mummy only takes vegetarian food. However, papa went to the buffet spread to get mummy some cakes and desert.

Dun see the above fella looked so gross and disgusting, mummy finished 2 big bowls of that and still thinking of whether to take another bowl. Yes, the yummy durian pengat that made mummy drooled over. :p

What about me? I gotto eat not 1, not 2 but 3 marshmello sticks with chocolate fondue. Want a kiss from me?? Hiak hiak hiak.....

Aunty Irene looked so pretty on her big day, juz like a princess. This will make 2 princesses in this photo. *shyless me*

Once again, congrats and I will like to quote mummy's fave "祝你們兩早生貴子"!

The buddies taking photo together with the bride and the groom.

See ya at the KTV tonight!!! Hmm....think I dun get to go cos mummy for sure wun bring me de. Sob sob...boo hoo....(",)

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