04 October 2008

Funny Wenz

Wenz has the routine of asking me to read books to her before her bedtime and her current 2 fave are "Tiger Can't Sleep" and "Counting Kisses". Both books were bought during my 1st order from SCHOLASTIC in collaboration with her school.

She is in the 'why' phase now and kept asking why this and why that. I was really bored out reading the same books for weeks and she refused to change it. I dun mind reading the books once every night but this princess always insists me to repeat. Argh.....and I usually dun repeat reading it.

So there was this night she asked me to repeat and I refused but eventually I said I'll repeat for "Counting Kisses" reluctantly and not the other book. However my tone of reading was not the usual expressive and bubbly. I used the dull and draggy tone instead and quickly read it and get it done and over with it.

So yesterday night, I was in high spirit and as usual after I have finished, Wenz asked me to repeat and I answered "Yes" but only for "Counting Kisses". Before I could read, Wenz suddenly warned me saying "I dun wanna the dull and draggy tone but the expressive and bubbly tone". She mimicked the way I read using both the tones and even got the contents in the book correctly. I was dumbfounded and felt like a slap on my face but at the same time I do find it very very funny. Her action was so cute.

After this incident I reminded myself to have the right attitude and action at all times and set the correct example for her to learn.


  1. haha, same here. i hate to repeat and repeat the same story to my boy! but he seems to love it.

  2. hi 5 here, same with javier, he always wanna take the same storybook but luckily I borrow it from library and so I could tell him it was return to save me from repeating again hahaha. And indeed we must set good example to the kids lor hiak hiak.


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