06 October 2008

Wenz 1st Cert!

Wenz used to wear this dress for her Speech and Drama class and she will always insist on this particular outfit. She has stopped drama class for a while as her drama school feedback saying her school compound is not ideal enuf to conduct lesson hence she only completed 1 full term of lessons. I was kinda upset for her as I know Wenz loves her drama class.

Right after I put on this dress for her yesterday, she suddenly recalled and started telling me things related to her drama class months back. She recited the poem that she has learnt during one of the lessons and even remembered her teacher's name. So I explained to her why she isn't going to drama school anymore. Her PCF school was in collaboration with Act 3 Drama Academy then but due to unsuitability of the venue and insufficient props to make the kids dramatic, lessons could not be continued.

I remembered there was a certificate given after she has completed one full term of lessons and decided to let her take photo with it. Could you feel her sense of pride taking her 1st certificate in this photo? :p

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