30 October 2008

My Best Pal's BD

My best pal aka the kids' godpa's birthday falls on 30th Oct every year but this year is a special one cos he has touched his 1st year of 30s. Irene has arranged a mini bd celebration for him over at our house.
We had a sumptuous feast prepared by my ML. Besides feasting, the evening was spent chatting on the stocks and shares (my parents' new found thing-to-do) as this pal of mine is a guru in it.

The kids or rather Wenz long-awaited moment has come....*drum rolling*....what else, cake-cutting of course!!
Look at greedy Wenz, she already told her godpa and 'chop' the piece with gummy candy for herself.
Not before taking a photo with her "specially instructed strawberry cake". Irene has initially planned to bake a cheese cake for Terence but this sassy gal insisted on getting her godpa a strawberry cake. She even mentioned that godpa has told her he likes strawberry cake. This is the start of telling lie.....*shake head*......hmm... needless to say, the person who enjoyed the cake most is definitely my precious darling princess.
Well, I do hope Terence enjoy his day too, from food to chats and cake and of course being 'thrashed' during our gaming session before he left our house, hiak hiak hiak. :)

Happy 30th Birthday to U, Terence!

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