10 October 2008

Yummy... Yummy...

Saw the look on my face? Teacher Noraini came by to school to give us our Children's Day goodies. She packed it in the small lil' pail-like container with lid for every children. You will ask why so late then give. Well, cannot blame her leh....she's supporting the government campaign and juz back from her confinement. Another princess arrived on Earth. :)

I have been pestering ah ma and gong gong to open up and let me finish have a better look at all the goodies but they refused. I could only count the items inside by turning the container round and round and round. :p

Darn....I could only eat 'em when mummy's back home. Mummy....pls come back now.

1 comment:

  1. I hope she will be more willing to share her goodies. Thx for teaching her the other day, Irene.


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