11 October 2008

It's a Photobook!

Didi's birthday celebration was about a month ago and our dearest 爹爹 took the photo footage to make this photobook for us since he was the cameraman for that day.

爹爹 even pen down some wordings on the 1st page machiam like the 'foreword' from the author in a book.

爹爹 came over to give us our very 1st PHOTOBOOK and of course we are happy about it. Thank you 爹爹, but then hor how come didi's face is on the bookcover huh! I thot I have a camera face too! :p


  1. Terence is forever so thoughtful and so nice the kids. I'm looking forward to his birthday celebration @ ourplace. Hee! Hee!

  2. wow yeye is soo nice! and he is soo "in"!

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