18 October 2008

Vainy Princess

Besides asking lotsa 'whys', Wenz also loves taking photographs. However, I prefer to take her candid photos than to ask her pose cos her smile will be very fake. :)

She is also very vain, always ask to put on nice clothing, put on her accessories and dreaming to be princess. Her fave verse is "I'm a Fairy-Princess" but her tantrums is not at all princess-like. She is also very long-winded....arghhh....she could ask the same question for COUNTLESS TIME repeatedly and I really mean the SAME QUESTION. I'm not a tape-recorder...if u dun answer her, she will be angry and tantrum prevail.

She is also very loving and fun at times. She never fail to amuse me with her farny dialogues.

One day after school, she came home pretending to hunch her back and walk very slowly. Ah ma saw and asked her why did she do that. She said, "Ah ma, 我老了!"

I was lying on the sofa pinching my excess flab then she said to me, "Mummy is the fat woman like in the Wall.e movie". Then I asked her, "Am I that FAT" and she answered "YES" *faintz*. :p

We didn't know she is afraid of papa more until one day her teacher feedback to hb saying it was dangerous for her to climb up and stand on the chair. Wenz knew and quickly ran to hb with the pathetic look asking to be carried.

The next day, she told her teacher this "Next time u hv anything juz tell my ah ma will do, dun tell my papa!" :p

To be continue.....

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