15 October 2008

Not Slam Dunk....it's Kungfu Dunk!!

Hb was head over BASKETBALL recently and even bot a Spalding basketball to train up. All these basketball heat and passion was due to after watching "Kungfu Dunk" starring by Jay Chou. Not bcos he likes Jay (neither does he dislikes him lah), it's bcos got his idol in the show mah!!! It wasn't too difficult to guess who if u ever watch it.....still clueless.....ok lah, tell u, it's Ah Sa loh aka Charlene Choi. U dunno who???? Well, then u shd noe TWINS right, not the one who got into S** scandal with Edison.

I'd say I quite enjoy the show but not captivating enuf for me to watch 3X like my hb did *shake head* or rather I do not have the time lah. Well, the impact not only on hb leh, on Wenz too! She dun play basketball but she sings "tofu, tofu, tofu....." (the soundtrack of Kungfu Dunk) day in day out after watching movie.

Wenz also got influenced after seeing the basketball lying around in our room. She asked to play with it but it wasn't too nice to bounce the ball at home as might disturb our neighbour downstair so we brought the kids down to play. Hmm.....didi could only watch and utter 'ball'...'ball ball'. :p

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