17 October 2008

Happy 13th Months!!

Didi has turned 13th months in such a flash. We were juz talking abt his 1 yr old birthday and now he is 13mos liao.

He is capable of lotsa things now.....

He can walk in tremendous speed and run in a gan cheong manner when he think his jiejie is going to catch him.
He can say a couple of words like 'apple' when he sees it.
He loves mimicking the adults in words and action.
He has becoming more and more playful but we still try to keep his nap to about 3 hours.
He enjoys a lot of adult food and drinks lesser milk.
He knows how to 'fight' attention with Wenz.
His fake cry skill has definitely leveled up a great deal.
He can dance when we asked him to.
He is a pro when comes to self-feeding finger food.
He enjoys exploring the house by opening the drawer and cabinet and his fave thing in the house is still the telephone.
He enjoys playing interactive game with me like body parts naming song etc.
He likes to pout his lips like a lil' piggy (couldn't capture this to show, arghhhh).
He knows how to call our next door neighbour by standing near the main gate and call out 'aunt...y'
He enjoys watching children programs and listening to nursery rhymes.

There are a lot more but could only remember this much. Generally didi's development is much more faster than Wenz. He is generally a much more cheerful and happy kid than Wenz. Wenz is more temperament and attitude probably bcos she is a gal, so got missy attitude and temper loh. Dun get me wrong, didi is not mild-tempered, he will see him display his fiery and hot temper when things dun get right. *sigh* The grandparents are already starting to complain. :p

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