12 October 2008

Botak Denz

So nice of mummy and ah ma to bring me out on a bright sunny morning. I nearly turn 'mouldy' if I continued to stay at home. Did you see the smile on my face? I was smiling all the way right from outside my house to the carpark.

I heard I was going for swimming later which explain why I was dressed in this way. Jiejie oso wore her swimming costume inside her dress.

However, we did not head straight to the pool but to the hair salon. Siao liao loh, think me gonna go for haircut 1st.

*sigh* There goes my hair. I have become Recruit Pek once AGAIN. The other time was right after my full month, rmb? Think mummy loves my new hair very much as she couldn't stop touching my head leh.

Well, mummy brought me to the pool as some form of compensation and I enjoyed till forgotten about my botak self. But hor, how come my dip in the pool so short one huh? Can make it longer bo? Mummy said jiejie has ballet lesson so no chance for me to dip longer.

Ask me if I love my new haircut? What do u think? Needless to ask...of course I lurvvvve it.

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