14 October 2008

A Pleasant Surprise!!

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary since the day we are together. Hubby asks me out for a date today.

Going out as a couple has become something very luxury to us ever since we hv our 2 lil' ones. We went for a shopping spree as we have the intention to get some presents for upcoming birthdays for some close ones but our 1st stop is ..........LV Boutique.

Hubby brought me there and asked me to choose a piece of bag that I like saying that he wanna buy me a bag. WHOA!! This is what I have chosen - Galliera PM - big enuf for me to throw in all necessary things when out with the kids.

I was happy like a lil' birdie out of cage. I gave him a treat and asked him over dinner why did he buy me a LV bag?

It was a 'jumbo' gift wor, meaning my bd present as I did not get one in Aug and most importantly is he felt that he should give me something NICE after so many years together. Ahem...ahem....where to find such a wonderful man in my life!!

Though he may not be the type of person who will go into teeny tiny details and also not that type who will go to the extent of coming up with big surprises, he always tell me this: "This is what I called SINCERITY". Thanks hummy! :p

Well, think will be another decade to receive another SURPRISE!!! Hahahaa :)


  1. So glad that you like the gift. A lot of thanx for taking good care of our prince and princess.

  2. Of crse I like it berry much leh....Muacks!! :D

  3. waaaa... SO SWEET! Tian tian mi mi! :D must hint my hb for another bag nxt year ... hahaa.. my philosopy is 1 is nvr enuff esp bags.

  4. hehehe....ur philosophy and mine coincide leh, hurhurhur....

    I hv this trait since young and my victim then were my dad cos he bot for me the bags i want.....and now my hb....hahaha


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