25 October 2008

A Playdate with Friend

I had a fun time playing with Shervon jie-jie one day before her departure to Malacca. I was waiting for her the whole day when mummy told me Sher was coming to our house. Thus I refused to nap in the afternoon. I think mummy must have regretted telling me as I kept buzzing her on what time jie-jie was coming. :p

However, I didn't manage to wait for her to reach our place as we need to go over to ye-ye's house. Mummy brought along my princess gown to ye-ye's house as Sher jie-jie wanna borrow it from me for her jiu-jiu's wedding. Aunty Chris & Sher Jie-jie drop-by at ye-ye's house and jie-jie tried on my gown. She looks nice in it, so demure and elegant.

Aunty Christin brought a letter-game along and we played a while before playing on the toys while the adults busy chatting away. It was a lot more fun to have a playmate. We played masak-masak pretending to cook and serve our mummies.

The Dora-Sisters :p

After which mummy oso kaypo kaypo and join in the fun by playing catching with us. Both of us had a great time running, screaming and hiding. We even resorted to hiding in the loo....hehehe :)
So you can imagine how much fun we had oredi right?

As for didi, he of course very da happie lah cos he had all the toys to himself while we were playing catching. He particularly likes one bowl and kept hogging onto it and kept stirring machiam concocting some special formula. :p

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