31 October 2008

Delights for Irene

Now I know why Irene wanna arrange a mini bd celebration for Terence....all bcos of her fave PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! This is BRIBERY loh :p

Thanks to my best pal again for getting these treats back for us from Taiwan.

Verdict: Happiest person is Irene for sure as I already saw 3 pieces of tarts missing in the box the very night we got it.

Terence is forever so thoughtful cos Irene only asked him to get for her P tarts but he brought back another item with him and also taste equally yummy. One of the popular delights in TW too called the "Sun Biscuit".

No wonder my wife looked so bright, sunny and delightful this morning :)

Anyway, thanks Terence!

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