30 September 2008

Princess Craze

It was a long time since I updated on missy's happenings. She has kena the "Princess Poison" so deeply as she has been watching princesses and fairies movies lately. She will associate anything that was done with princess or fairy. Her temper and bad behaviour has toned down mainly due to her yearn to be a Princess. Each time she throws a tantrum, I'll tell her she's a bad queen, a fungus or a witch (u will noe wat i mean if u ever watch the Barbie series) and she will immediately stop the tantrum and says she wants to be a princess. Well, at least this method works for now.

Look at the barbie movies she has got, think juz another few more titles and we will complete the whole Barbie series liao.

There was a Children's Day celebration organised by her school and the theme was "Kids in Fairy Land". I dressed Wenz up as a fairy and boy she was elated. She participated in the Best Dressed Contest and I bot all those fairy stuffs purposely for the event.

Every children has a present and of course there was top 3 prizes for the best dressed candidates. The 2nd runner-up went to a boy in Batman suit, 1st runner-up to a gal in Princess gown and No. 1 trophy went to a boy in Pirate Suit.

I could hear some parents sighed in disappointment but I was at all not disappointed. Most importantly is my gal enjoyed herself being a fairy princess and how often can she wear this outfit right?

Though she didn't clinch any top prize, she is already our No. 1. We went to play various games and did up various activities to get a stamp at different counters on our admission ticket. Every child needs 3 stamps to claim the goody bag. But we completed all stations with all 9 stamps on our ticket.

The last activity we did was hand painting and we had Teacher Karren painted a yummy juicy looking 'strawberry' on her hand.

Before we proceeded with the activity which was the boing...boing bouncer, I had her fairy princess outfit changed to singlet and shorts instead.
Tat was a her fave station as I could see her face brightened up with smiles and laughter inside jumping about like a lil' monkey.

After which I bought her a juicy yummy gummy strawberry candypop as a reward for being No. 1 Princess and I told her I was so proud of her. Happy Children's Day, Princess :)


  1. Wenz look so lovely in her fairy outfit. So sweet and like a little fairy of course mummy also got good taste to chose lar keke

  2. Thank you thank you! Wenz is still in her fairy dream asking to wear her wings everyday :p


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