01 September 2008

The Rainbow Fish

1st Sept is Teachers' Days and Wenz does not need to attend school as school holidays has started. I have arranged with Mummy Christin to bring the gals to watch a musical play titled The Rainbow Fish.

Everything was alright and we met up at plaza before heading to take bus there. Wenz vomited juz few minutes in the bus. Guess she has ate too much and worse thing is I dun have spare clothings. *sigh*

First thing when I reached the theatre was to clean this gal up. One helpful mummy offered to help and she brought one of the tees that were merchandise of the show into the toilet for me. Well, got no choice and I bot the tee. Top is settled but no bottom. Luckily I have 1 pc of pull-up with me and Wenz went without a bottom, juz the Pull-Up.

I find the show interesting and entertaining. Wenz could relate the story after the whole show as ended. Over is a nice and educating play, teaching us not to be proud and be willing to share. It bring out the message of telling us that inner beauty is more important than juz looking good.

We headed home straight after as couldn't possibly going anywhere without a bottom. :p

1 comment:

  1. So sorry I wasn't able to make it for the concert. Thousand of apologies!


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