04 September 2008

New vacuum cleaner

Inspector coming

Didi checking the content

Didi going to the explore vacuum tube

Wow! Wonder what is this?

It had been tough this few days for all of us, mummy, Wenz, Denz and myself all were ill. Mummy and Wenz suffered the most cos of terrible stomach flu. The sleepless nights had turned all of us including my in-laws to Panda bears. Mummy isn't in the condition to blog so daddy is acting as the relief. Let me recap all of the moments or happenings since the last posting.

We had recently decommissioned our Philip vacuum cleaner after it R.I.P. We managed a get a Electrolux as a replacement. Denz seems to be the one most excited during the assembling. He was practically inspecting and touching every part of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is now easier with much more powerful suction, longer 8m cable and brush on the vacuum rod that aids the removal of dust on sofa and carpet.

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