17 September 2008

2 Babies at 1-GO

Remember our little creepy crawlers, caterpillars? They have finally turned into butterflies after 10 days of neck-long waiting. I think the duration is considerably short already as was told to wait 14 days though. :)

Our 1st Tawny Coster from the small skinny breed of caterpillars. The other one inside didn't make it to adulthood though Chrysalis was formed. Hmm....one casualty in the outcome.

The 2nd butterfly is a Leopard Lacewing. I love the colors. It has the same 'birthday' as the Tawny Coster but was few hours different cos when we set the Tawny Coster free, this fella was still stuck to the Chrysalis. However, by the time Wenz came back from school, the fella was free from the Chrysalis and active inside the container.

We set it free right away. Same thing goes for the 2nd caterpillars inside. It didn't make it till the end as the Chrysalis has long broken off. The overall learning experience is good. For more info on caterpillars and butterflies, you can go here.


  1. It's really amazing. You don't find this on textbook. Too bad two of the caterpillars didn't make it to butterfly. It also shows life is more always perfect.

  2. this looks real interesting :) where did you get the caterpillars from?


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