30 August 2008

The Boy Who Touch the Moon

It was Wenz' 1st experience to watch a play at the Esplanade. We met up with Karen and Kylie 1st before entering the Recital Studio. My mum and Denz went as well but they waited outside for us.

This is a play put up by Tick, tack and Tock and total duration of show is only 40 minutes. Their target audiences are children from 2 to 4 years hence 40 minutes is quite ideal I think.

The 1st part of the show teaches the kids how to cast shadows in a lively way before touching on the story of how a boy touches the moon. They ended the play with another story, telling the kids to listen to advice and not to disobey.

We have bought the tickets for one more upcoming playtime in October. See ya then....

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