06 September 2008

Wenz Lantern

Wenz had recently gone for a lantern festival gathering organised by our estate RC. This is an ad-hoc event as mummy did not buy the ticket before hand. As the weather was quite good, mummy brought both kiddos down and my ML went as well.

Wenz' teachers were seen helping out at the event giving out the goodie bag. As ticket was not bought early, the goody bag did not come with mooncake, hence mummy only bot one tix. We gotto choose our own lantern and the design Wenz or rather mummy got for this year is this Hello Kitty fairy. I had eagerly blown the lantern and took this photo. (By daddy) Mummy said this hello kitty lantern looks the nicest among all the designs.

Princess is happily playing with it and even Denz wanna lay his fingers on it. :p


  1. Thank you! The lantern would be perfect it didn't make so much noise. Hee! Hee!


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