27 September 2008

The HortPark - The Gardening Hub

The mummies (Christin, Elaine and me) have long planned to visit the HortPark in Southern-Western of Singapore on this bright sunny Saturday morning. Luckily the weather was good.

Didi wasn't at all co-operative right in the morning as he woke up as early as 7am and didn't nap at all after that till we reached the park.

However, it was still a fun day out for the kids. I thought the HortPark was supposed to be quite popular nowadays but surprisingly the cabbies have no idea where it is located. Christin has to call me asking the exact location and I have to call her up checking too when I boarded the taxi.

We spent some good 20 minutes taking photos and admiring at the flowers along the walkway to the Gardening Hub.

My mum and dad

Shervon and her yeye

Look at the flowers! Aren't they pretty? I set to macro mode to capture them. Something unusual that I dun get to see them anywhere.

After much admiration at the flowers along the way, we have finally reached the inside of the hub. The kids were happy and enjoying themselves running about.

Wenz was elated too with her mini flower in her hand. (oops, cannot pluck flower leh 路邊的野花不要採 but this is not wild flower is nice flower loh)

Mummy, can i let the flower 'drink' water?

HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is a knowledge hub for plants and gardening and provides the platform for the industry to share best practices and showcase garden designs, products and services.

oh my...isn't that a scarecrow?

I brought Wenz to walk round the park and she was more than willing to follow suit. This gal really has lotsa questions and went 'why...why..why...' :)

Wenz was very observant and pointed to me that the ground has lotsa caterpillars. Initially I thot she was juz blurting out something that was on her mind then i took a look and realised there was indeed lotsa caterpillars. The crawlers that we have kept for almost 2 weeks definitely has some learning value for the gal.

Inside this park was a lot of different 'themes' like herb and spice garden, flora walk, seeds garden and even a segment on garden landscaping.

A great poser under hot sun

I love the different thematic concept. Whoa, really amazing! I guess it will be very difficult maintaining all these greenery.

Mummy, hv u finished? Very hot u noe?

Wenz' eyes went big and bright upon seeing the playground. There is a sand play portion and a water-play one and also the normal dry type of playground. Too bad the weather was too hot or rather the timing was right. The sun was scorching hot so I forbade her to play. Of course missy was a lil' disappointed. The HortPark is really a HOTPARK. :)

We walked back to the sheltered area for some hydration. Wenz was deadbeat till she laid flat on the cosy couch for a rest.

Last foto of the day before the memory card was full :p

This place was really nice except for the weather. Definitely will come back again but this time will choose either early in the morning or late noon or near evening. :p


  1. hey hey Denz didi look like a big boy le. So fast hor one year old le.

  2. kekeke....yalor, time flies so fast, he's 1yr old le. Getting naughtier too :p


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