17 September 2008

Denz' Official ONE

Today is didi's actual ang moh's birthday, thus mummy decided to go out for a feast at Swensens. Mummy didn't expect a crowd on a weekday. No highchair was available on tat day and a gal was crying or rather yelling loudly the moment we stepped in. We were told by the staff tat she cried bcos there wasn't highchair for her. Luckily didi was sitting in his stroller and we made do with him sitting in there and has his meal.

Papa had his Mega Burger as usual and even gave a thumbs-up for it.

Didi waiting patiently and happily for his food to come.

Hmm....wat abt me?? I was busy coloring while taxing on the fries.

Yeah, dessert time!! Didi got his free birthday ice-cream and I sang Birthday song for him LOUDLY till the patrons at the next table turned their heads over and look at me. I got to blow out the candle. Well, if u think didi could finish the ice-cream all by himself then u r wrong. I was delegated the task and I 'assisted' him willingly. It was a tough job u noe, shiong ah! But no complain lah, who ask him to be my didi. I dun sayang him, who will right? ;)

Happy Birthday to you, didi!! (not something to look forward to since u will start snatching things from me :p)

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