29 September 2008


My FL is in high spirit tonight on his birthday celebration talking about yesterday F1 race with yummy food, beer and nuts. He went on non-stop abt his live experience at marina and of course some other talk-cock topics. He was feeling contented seeing the grandchildren playing happily too.

The children were really enjoying themselves while the adults dined and chatted. The feeling of togetherness and unity could be felt at that particular moment.

One farny thing happened was due to the recurrent birthday celebrations, Wenz was a pro in singing the birthday song. However, the moment after singing, she blew out the candle straight away without any hesitation. Yeye have not even make a wish but of course he wasn't at all angry. Wenz' action brought laughter in all. Too bad I have forgotten to bring the camera along else would have recorded it down in action.

The night ended with yummy oreomisu cake inside our tummy and we left shortly for home as the children's sleeping time was near.

Happy Birthday to 爺爺 and wish him best of health and best of luck in coming 4D. :p

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