13 September 2008

Denz' BD Celebration

This is the day my boy is celebrating his 1st birthday and I couldn't believe how time pass. He was like a baby yesterday and now I'm talking about him turning 1 year old.

Look at him now. He has changed much definitely in term of his looks, his intellect, his skills.....but one thing for sure that doesn't change is our love for him.

Wenz is the happiest on this celebration day cos she has grown up to understand and abreast what's happening around her.

The kids played while waiting for the guests to arrive. Wenz knew that there was some kind of important celebration event going on thus she was putting up her best performance and always giving in to didi.

Both my children has different character. Denz loves crowd, you could see this traits right from young. He is definitely a party animal.

This is the playpen he sleeps and naps everyday. He is really afraid of coming into the room nowadays cos this will mean resting and no playing for him. See, how smart he has turn to now? From a baby not aware of what's happening around him till a toddler capable of protesting in dismay.

Hubby's friends were the earliest among the rest and thanks to Terence aka the kids' Godpa for being the cameraman for this event.

The guests flocked in slowly as time draw near. The kids were playing while the adults tucking away with their food.

Our initial plan of making the event small turned out to be another great big celebration after all. This is to exercise fairness to both kids since Wenz had her 1st BD celebration too.

Really appreciate all guests who have turned up for the celebration and making it a joyous occasion for the limelight.

Soon it was cake cutting time. My eyes were set on this design right b4 the event when I passed by the cake shop on one fine day. I placed an order the moment I was planning for this celebration. :p

Denz was not aware of what's happening, perhaps he didn't even noe it was a day specially meant for him!! All he knew was lotsa fun and stuff like tat. :)

Wenz sang the birthday song loudly and helped to blow out the candle. She insisted on eating the piece with the only butterfly on it.

I am so glad that all guests enjoyed the food and cake. Really thankful to them for putting aside their time attending this important event and also their wonderful gifts for Denz.


  1. Our small scale BD celebration had turned out to be quite a big time. Really have to thank all friends and relatives for their support!

  2. happy belated birthday to denz! May you grow up to be healthy and strong.


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