14 September 2008

Happy Mooncake Day!!!

My friend was telling me how yummy the durian mooncake from GoodwoodPark Hotel was during over msn chat at work and how difficult to get it as it was practically sold out if u dun order it over the counter. I went Wow...wow..hmm..ok..must try it.

True enuf, I didn't manage to get it at Bugis and Taka counters as it was sold out. I went home a little disappointed but still did not dampen my spirit to celebrate Denz' birthday the next day.

On Denz' birthday, I received this box of Durian mooncake from our very 1st guest aka the kids' godpa, my hb's best pal, Terence. Yippee.....Thanks ya!!

Couldn't try it yesterday as my tummy was filled up with the birthday foodies. I sampled it right away 1st thing in the morning on the Mooncake Day. Indeed nice as claimed. I could foresee myself finishing the whole box as there isn't many competitors for it cos hb dun like DURIAN, woo hoo :p

1 comment:

  1. My best friend can really can read the mind of Irene who had long craved for Goodwood Park mooncakes. It's dream come true for Irene.

    Thank you again brother!


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