08 September 2008

Our Caterpillars

Went to collect the caterpillars I have ordered from BW & BY's mummy. I was advice to buy 2 sets in case the caterpillar didn't make it till the end then will still have one set to show the kid. Wenz was anxious and at the same time curious to see the caterpillars.

One set has a pair of creepy crawlers and I was given 2 different species. One species look kinda small and the other type fatter ones. I dun dare to touch. The real caterpillars look so different from the storybook - The very hungry caterpillar. :p

Well, luckily hubby wasn't afraid of it and he did all the cleaning, feeding and explaining to the gal. I was told that the crawlers will take about 2 weeks to turn into butterflies. Meanwhile shall wait for it to form to a cocoon 1st.

1 comment:

  1. It's really fun for both Wenz & I! A totally new experience!


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