28 March 2009

Sharing Moment....

Whooppie....it's weekend again. Saturday and Sunday are our fave days cos mummy will be at home nuah playing with us. She has bot us a new toy. Actually it was meant more for didi bcos he loves car so much recently.

Mummy has been lecturing teaching me to share with didi whenever i snatch and bash him up. The 'sharing campaign' has been around our house for quite a while liao. I oso clearly understand wat is expected of me, only sometimes I'll do the opposite to gain more attention.

See, we were playing so well with each other. No screaming, no yelling, no complaining (ya, didi can be such an aunty at times :p), no crying, no fighting and no making mummy angry & upset - ALL bcos I'm willing to share. *wink wink*

We earn ourselves a Swensen's Treat which papa promise to bring us ter later. Yippee....ice-cream and french fries, here we come....(",)

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