27 March 2009

Ben Kor Kor's BD

We celebrated Ben kor-kor's buff-day at nai-nai's house earlier. His buff-day is supposed to be tomorrow but he has brought forward the celebration. Kor-kor was sooo happy receiving many many Yu-Gi-Oh cards as his pressies.

Didi got ready in such a flash the moment the cake was placed on the table. He sat and waited patiently for cake-cutting moment. He clapped loudly amidst the waiting and I sung the birthday song for kor-kor. I blew off the candles the moment we have finished singing. Oops! I thot my buff-day mah! :p

Anyway nai-nai relighted the candles for kor-kor to blow. Happy 11th buff-day to U!!! I noe ur wish must be having more more more cards right? Tsk tsk tsk :)

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