18 March 2009

Morning @ Chinese Garden

Nice weather for morning outing

A look at the pagoda from the entrance

Here's the bridge that links both the gardens

The bridge is almost pearlie white

Here's the lake we fed the fishes

Found a cozy place with shelter

Fishes swarming in for bread crumb

The size of this fish is impressive

Wenz enjoying herself!

My mum, Ah Di, and Ah Ben were there too..

Wenz amused by the talking parrots

Say Chezz!

Daddy is back on Wenz & Denz' blog again. Brought the kidz to Chinese Garden yesterday and along with us were four loaves of bread to feed the fishes there. The kidz were having a lot of fun especially Wenz feeding the fishes and herself with plain bread. Ha! Ha!

I took a jog around both Chinese and Japanese gardens but could not help stopping from time to time to view the beautiful scenery there. After we left Chinese garden we, headed to the nearby foodcentre for lunch and Wenz was really fascinated when we passed by one of the shops with the three talking parrots.

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