09 March 2009

Sickly Moments.....

Right after I was unwell as having LS last few days and not getting any better now, both kiddos are sick with the same runny nose and cough symptoms. Denz who was down with slight fever got the fever syrup while Wenz who has lotsa phlegm got the reduce phlegm and open airway syrup. As a result, they've got 3 bottles of medicine each.

Luckily Denz was quite co-operative in taking medicine. He drank the syrup willingly upon seeing his jie-jie took the medicine. There was no problem feeding Wenz as she ignorantly co-relate the medicine to "candy syrup". Though the kids were on medication, some more on drowsiness formula, they were still very active and not lethargic at all.

Their condition did not improve after few dosages. To make things worse, Wenz was down with fever on Sunday night and I have no choice but to bring her to Dr Chin again on Monday 'forcing' me to be on Child Care Leave. :p

They are EQUAL now, each having four to drink as Wenz added one more fever syrup while Denz added the reduce phlegm syrup.

I really hate it when the kids are sick. The kids became crankier, more hyperactive, more sticky and more insecure leading them to cry and whine non-stop esp Denz as they were both seeking for high level of attention. Hopefully the sickness saga will be over soon...bo pi bo pi *kowtow*

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