15 March 2009

Princess Wishes...

If u ask me what is my wish, I will definitely answer you that I'd like to be a Princess. I wake up really early today. Same goes for didi, machiam like pah kat pah kat cos this greedy boy must have overheard ah ma telling mummy yesterday tat if we could wake up early, we shall go McDonald for breakfast.
Well, as for me, me not greedy hor, I was excited over Princess Wishes as mummy is going to bring me for Disney on ICE.

Disney On ICe
Everything gotto wait till I finish my breakfast, after my ballet class and after lunch then can proceed to the Indoor Stadium. Hmm....juz gonna wait patiently for the moment to come. I was counting down to that moment actually.....

We went there together with Shervon and her mummy. Luckily Shervon's daddy gave us a ride there saving lotsa travelling time. Oh man...there was a heavy downpour the moment we reached. What a timing to rain? We braved thru the rain with a tiny umbrella and mummy was 40% drenched. The show has oredi started the moment we reached inside.

I switched to "super-attentive" mode the moment I sat down. Nothing could take my eyes off the many many different characters skating on Ice in front of me. I enjoyed every moment of it.

It was half time and I mistook it as end of show, thus I kept telling mummy I dun wanna go home, I have not had enuf of the Princesses and pestered to stay. :p

We went out to buy a drink and checked on the merchandise. All looks sooo niceee but mummy said too expensive and not in need, mainly was my desire to get it so I din get ANY @all.

The show was fantastic presenting all 7 Princesses with my fave, Princess Ariel being the longest I think. My 2nd next fave segment was when they were showing the Cinderella as she came in with nice glittering horse carriage.

Mummy like Mulan in this show, the one and only Asian looking Princess. My wish now is to come every year, okie mummy? (",)

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