01 March 2009

Phoebe Turns FOUR!!!!

Right after Kylie's buff-day celebration yesterday, we went for another buff-day party. It was Phoebe's 4th Buff-day. We were invited to the playscape for celebration. Every moment was fun-filled for the kids.

Phoebe enjoyed herself very much. Wenz too! Denz appeared to be a little timid. *sigh* He dun even dare to go into the ball pit....really live up to his name - Chicken Boy! :p

He was skeptical to everything that was exposed to him. Well, I left him alone to explore and he did warm up a little after a loooong while.

Wenz was thrilled and elated playing happily in the playscape.
She got even wilder upon seeing Shervon. Think Shervon is her Best Friend at this point of her life.

The kids played while the adults helped themselves to the light refreshments prepared by the host....soon it was time for cake-cutting.

Yesterday was Mickey theme and this time round was Mickey theme again. The cake looks too nice to be eaten.

The icing coated around it interest Wenz the most as she labelled them as CANDY. Not only she could eat the 'candy', she could play with it as well, machiam like Art n Craft lesson. This has inspire me to try a simple baking session with her.

Happy Buff-day to Phoebe and thank you Lina for your invitation. May you have a smooth upcoming labour......

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