13 March 2009


*sigh* Just when I think the kids will both recover in no time after medication, Denz was sick again....ARGH!!! Perhaps gotto do with the date....black friday!

This time round he developed high fever (39.2 degrees Celsius). Oh my....it was time to pay Dr Chin a visit.

He was given 2 different fever medicine - one pink and one orange. 2 bottles meaning more work for me as I have to wake up and feed him medicine every 3 hourly in rotation of the 2. On top of that, he was diagnosed having an inflamed throat as well. Alright! Antibiotic suspension for sure.

It is only the 2nd week of March and the kids have been to the clinic 4 times liao. Hopefully all the baddy germs could go away real soon.....


  1. my son was sick for 2 months liao...coughing on and off, visited doctors for dunno how many times already. really hope our kids will always stay strong and healthy!!

  2. Yep...parents always wish for good health for their children. Hopefully they can fully recover soon.


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